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Music Industry Design

KollisionMedia has extensive experience working in the music industry. We specialize in loud and exposive design that will help promote your band or event. Everyone knows that event posters can easily be overlooked when mixed with others hanging up at a venue or local guitar shop. Not with KollisionMedia. Our designs are built to stand out among your competition. KollisionMedia will also utilize custom graphics to to fit any style of music. KollisionMedia shares a vast network of musicians and venues in Central PA. If you are looking for some promtion ideas and design, we are a powerful marketing tool that you want in your corner.
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sp-1From Dissension LogoFrom Dissension T-Shirt DesignScars of Hatred Logo Designsp-2sp-3sp-5Rise of Conflict Logo DesignGrace Bud Logo DesignSchecter Magazine Ad Designsp-6sp-7sp-8Poster Design 1Poster Design 2Poster Design 3sp-9sp-10sp-11Poster Design 4Poster Design 5Fire Logo Designsp-12sp-13