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Explore Central PA's finest wineries!

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Cooling Towels • It's not cool to be hot!

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Full Service Autobody and Auto Repair

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Premier manufacturer's reps

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Resources for Smart Business, Harrisburg, PA.
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Logo Design

Custom logo design to
brand your identity.

Web Design

Custom web design for
all of your business needs.


On-site Photographer
available for all design.

The Concept of KollisionMedia

Kollision Media is a graphic design studio that gives you a powerful one-stop-shop for all of your graphic design, logo design, web design, apparel, and photography endeavors. We focus on energetic graphic design that will get you noticed! Whether you need a billboard, a website, or a simple business card, Kollision Media is geared to handle it all.

Kollision Media is also capable of handling your social media marketing and search engine optimization! From design to development to production! Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for a little taste of what we can do!